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Of Fashion and Friends

Influenced by college movies and artsy contemporary fiction books, I had a grand vision for my freshmen year. I dreamed of fantastic adventures and sleepless nights. So at the beginning of the year, I decided that my goal this year was to be open to new experiences.

The opportunity soon presented itself to me in the form of the Health Science Fashion Show, something that the high school me would never have joined. But then I thought to myself, “when else are you going to be in a fashion show?” And that’s how I signed up.

Throughout the year, I had the chance to witness and take part in the planning that went into the show. I think one of the greatest things about events like this is that the product is almost always greater than the sum of its parts. The end result of the event wowed me. I could not believe we managed to pull everything together.

On the day of the show, I got my hair and makeup done. I had a clothes fitting session with my model group. I got incredulous looks from strangers when I went to buy butter tart with rows of shiny stickers on my face, which was definitely a novel experience. Although there were no moments of intense drama, typical of books and movies, it still possessed a magical quality.

The proceeds of the show would go towards Camp Trillium, which offers recreational activities to pediatric cancer patients and their families. But at the same time, it was a way for students to combine things they love that are perhaps otherwise unrelated: fashion and health.

Looking back, the fashion show was definitely a worthwhile experience and I am excited to continue my adventure of trying new things. (I am thinking about dragon boating next.) Moreover, I learned not to be afraid of joining activities that interest me, even if the activity itself doesn’t seem like “my thing” or is unrelated to what I want to do in the future. Stay true to yourself, and you will meet friends along the way and contribute to causes that you care about.  

(Written by Eva Liu/Image Source)



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